Practical information about Odense Aafart

Food and drinks are allowed on standard trips and if you hire a tour boat, but not for Jazz on Aafart and Fairy Tale on the River.

Conventional wheelchairs can come on board (not heavy electric wheelchairs) for free.

Prams, push-chairs, handcarts and similar vehicles cost a normal child’s ticket and there are a limited number per standard trip. Handcarts are only allowed if there is plenty of room. Please note however that prams, push-chairs and handcarts are not allowed on event trips.

Bicycles and bike trailers are not allowed.

Dogs are allowed onboard during the cruise, but dogs are not allowed in Odense Zoo.


An hour in the dry

The Danish summer is unpredictable, but the boats are thankfully covered, so we also cruise in the rain. Actually, it is a very special experience to cruise in the boat, while the rain is falling on the roof of the boat and into the water, while you are sitting in the dry. So don’t let the rain stop you - enjoy an hour in the dry onboard the boat.


Capacity on Aafart’s three boats

247 people per hour in three boats:

”H. C. Andersen”: Max 92 people
”Riborg Voigt”: Max 90 people
”Aladdin IV”: Max 65 people



There is a car park opposite Aafart on Filosofgangen. Click on the link here and see where the car park is.