Fairytale of Streams

Fairytale of Streams

Every Monday to Friday from 1. July to 9. August, the Fairy Tales On The River takes place at 2 pm.

Fairytale of Streams is addressed to families with children, and everyone else who wants to experience the fairy tales of H.C. Andersen and a trip with the boats on the river in a new and different way.


The boat leaves the berth with H.C. Andersen onboard, personified by actor Torben Iversen. He will tell a number of the well-known and beloved fairy tales, and at the same time, you can experience the fairy tales – created by living actors on the shore. In that way, the trip down Odense River will become a fairy tale journey through lots of living tableaus, which will bring the fairy tales of H.C. Andersen to life.

The trip costs 95 kr. per. child (0-11 years old) and 120 kr. per. adult.

Practical information regarding Fairytale of Streams
There is a limited amount of seats available, so if you want to go on a specific day, it is a good idea to buy the tickets in advance in the kiosk of Aafarten in Munke Mose. On the Fairy Tale-departures, the boat will not stop at the Zoo. But you can get off the boat at Erik Bøghs trail. The fairy tale-journey departs starts at Munke Mose.

Book your Fairytale of Streams
You can also book your very own Fairy Tale On The River. It is a very special experience to help spice up your private arrangement or company-event. It costs 4.000 kr. to book Fairy Tale On The River, excluding the price of a tour-boat, which is 3.000 kr. for a week-day and 4.000 kr. for a day in the weekend.
Yoy can book your Fairy Tale On The River every day from 1. April to 1. November – but not until 3 pm. on weekdays.

Contact Odense Aafart on +45 66 10 70 80 on weekdays between 11 am. and 2 pm. or write us an email at




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