Tastings on the River

Tastings on the River

We have multiple tasting events available to you. Most of the events are in danish, but that does not mean that you cannot join these events. However, the best events for you to join might be our “Chocolate on the River” and “Cake on the River”, since these events are pretty self-explanatory. Here you will be able to enjoy chocolate or cake while sailing down the river. These events are in cooperation with an experienced baker and chocolatier, who has been honing her craft for 25 years.

Our other tasting events may be more challenging for you to participate in, but still enjoyable. If you would like to join a gin-, wine- or beer-tasting you can. However, much of the explanation about the different drinks may be lost on you since they presumably will be in danish. If this does not discourage you from joining these events you are very welcome to join us on a trip down the river with the different beverages in hand while enjoying the scenic route and each others company. 

You can see all of our tastings right here.


d. 24/04/2020


Filosofgangen 30B,
5000 Odense C.

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