Wine Tasting: The White Wines of the Summer


Wine Tasting: The White Wines of the Summer


Filosofgangen 30
5000 Odense C


299,- pr. person


kl. 19:00
d. 16. June 2023

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Wine Tasting: The White Wines of the Summer

In collaboration with Bichel Vine, Odense Aafart welcomes you to the wonderful world of wine with a wine tasting.

In collaboration with Bichel Vine, we invite you to a tasteful journey to the wonderful world of white wine. The wines are enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings around Odense Å at Odense Aafart

By focusing on five different wines – from the always festive Crémant that can be drinker as an aperitif in the garden to the more full-bodied Chardonnay that must be the ultimate match for a grilled fish – will show you and proof to you that white wine is much more than just white wine. White wine is the label for the light green and yellow wine that are produced from exactly green and yellow – and some times blue –  grapes

Besides some facts about the production of white wine in general, we will also talk about the different wines and what to look for to match wine with food – and of course, what the best choice is when you just want to enjoy at cold glass of white wine on a hot summer day or night.

Bring your friends, family member, or just yourself and join us on the journey to explore the white wine.

Practical information: 

Explore the world of white wine!

The event start at 7.00 PM and takes 1.5 hour.

We will meet 15 minutes before depature at the ticket sale of Odense Aafart at Filosofgangen 30B, 5000 Odense C.
The price is 299 DKK. pr person


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We are looking forward to a lovely night in the world of white wine with you!