11. October 2021

Autumn Break in Odense

If you are going to spend your autumn break with the kids in Odense or just be here for a day or two there are a lot of activities to do.  Odense offers a lot of child-friendly activities and experiences. In this blod we have collected inspiration for 6 different thing you can do with the kids in the autumn break. These ideas works for families with kids in all ages.


Tour Boat

Odense Aafarts turbåd

Foto: Odense Aafart

You can sail with Odense Aafart’s Odense Aafart’s tour boats and pedal boats with a 50% discount. If you ride the pedal boats, you can bring a nice picnic basket and have a picnic in Munke Mose or Fruens Bøg. It tends to be quite cold in the autumn, thus, it would be a good idea to bring a blanket to lay on the grass.




Stige Ø

Børn, der leger på en legeplads

Foto: Visit Odense

If you like to be active or just be in the nature, you should visit Stige Ø. Stige Ø is surrounded by beautiful nature and offers a lot of opportunities – also in the autumn. I can go biking, play on the playground, or spend the night in the outdoors. Stige Ø offers shelters, bonfire, and toilets.




En pige og en giraf

Foto: Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is an obvious activity for the autumn break. Odense Zoo is very nice and has a lot of different animals from all over the world. You can sail with Odense Aafart’s tour boats  from Munke Mose to Odense Zoo. When your visit is over, the tour boats can sail you back to Munke Mose. A ticket for the tour boats are valid all day.



Histotoriet – The Children’s Museum

Børn, der drikker noget fra et gammelt stel

Foto: Histotoriet


You you would like to spend time with the kids in the autumn break in Odense and go back in time, the museum, Møntergården is the perfect place. Here you and your kids kan explore how life was back in time. You can play with the museum antiques that have a lot of stories to tell. Hvis I vil bruge jeres efterårsferie sammen med børnene i Odense på at tage tilbage i tiden, er museet i Møntergården er god idé. I museet i Møntergården kan I sammen med børnene udforske, hvordan det var at leve før i tiden. Her kan I lege med de gamle museumsting, der gemmer på mange finurlige historier. The exhibition can be found in different rooms and every room has its own theme.


Creative Space

Kvinder, der maler på porcelæn

Foto: Creative Space

If you enjoy being creative, Creative Space is the place for you. Here you have the chance to be creative and and a nice time in each other’s company. Creative Space has more than 300 different kinds of pottery and 04 colour to choose from. Thus, it is easy to find something to paint. When you are finished painting, you give the pottery to Creative Space who will glaze and burn it. After a week, you can come and pick up your pottery


The Shopping Street

Mennesker i gågaden

Foto: Johan Tobias Joensen/Visit Odense

Odense is famous for its cozy shopping street with a lot of cafés and small side streets. A stop on one of the streets nice cafés is an obvious choice after a long day of walking. There is a short distance from the shopping street to H. C. Andersen’s neighbourhood where H.C. Anderden’s childhood home is located which gives a presentation of his childhood..