Enjoy the Odense River from a pedalo

The trip with Aafart’s tour boat is absolutely fantastic, but there is also something very special about being alone on the river in a pedalo. If you are looking for a romantic trip with a picnic, a fun trip with friends, a stag or hen party, or if you just want to be alone on the river, you can hire a pedalo. It is a cosy and relaxing way to spend an hour or even several hours on a warm summer day.


Practical information about hiring a pedalo

It costs DKK 100 per hour to hire a pedalo. You pay in advance for an hour and if you are longer than an hour, you just pay for the extra time when you come back.

Number of people
Pedalos can carry 4 people. If you are more people, you can hire more pedalos.

Important information
Photo ID must be given as a deposit when you pay. Children under 13 must be supervised by adults when using the pedalos. Hiring pedalos is at your own risk. Pedalos cannot be booked in advance.

Hire after closing time
Groups and companies can hire pedalos after closing. The minimum price is DKK 800. Call +45 66 10 70 80 11:00-14:00 on weekdays, so you can go out on the Odense River.