Practical information

You are allowed to bring food and drinks on the regular boat rides and if you rent a tour-boat, but not at events like Music On The River and Fairy Tales On The River.

Regular wheelchairs are allowed for free (Not heavy, electrical wheelchairs)

Baby carriages, strollers, handcarts, and the likes cost a regular children ticket and can be included on the boat in limited numbers. Handcarts are only included if there is sufficient room. Please note that baby carriages, strollers, and handcarts are not included on the boats at events.
See our events here.


Aafarten’s kiosk and ticket sales is an integreal part of the art building Filosoffen (The Philosopher).
From here, we sell tickets for the tour-boats and other events, we rent out pedalos, and we sell ice cream, ice deserts, and warm and cold drinks.

On a beautiful summer’s day, there are not a lot of other places in Odense that can compete with this location.
It is right by Odense River with a view to the park area Munke Mose.
Here you can sit outside and enjoy the summer, the sound of the small waves, the animals in nature, and not least – keep up with life in the area.

Kiosk, box office and pedalos opening hours

Frequently asked questions

Can you reserve boats and pedalos?

No, it is always “first come, first served”

Can you get off the boat in Odense Zoo?

Yes, but only if you have a ticket for Odense zoo. You can also get on the boat in the zoo, and pay the skipper for the ride, or jump off in Munke Mose and pay in our kiosk.

Is it allowed to bring dogs?

Yes, if you believe the dog will be comfortable sailing and with a lot of people around it. You cannot bring your dog into the zoo.

For how long is my ticket valid?

The ticket is valid for one whole roundtrip. Munke Mose -> Zoo -> Fruens Bøge – and back again, and not necessarily in that order. You can jump on and off as you please. The ticket is valid for the day it is bought.

Are there discounts for students or senior citizens?

No, at Aafarten we only have two kinds of tickets; a children’s ticket and an adult ticket. They cost 65 kr. and 95 kr., respectively. Primary schools only pay 40 kr. per person though.

Can you get on at Fruens Bøge without a ticket?

Yes, you can either buy your ticket from the skipper or buy it in the kiosk, when you get to Munke Mose.

Can you bring your own drinks and food, and enjoy it while sailing?

Yes, but not on trips where we sell drinks, though it cannot be a nuisance to others.
We then recommend that you order your drinks in our kiosk beforehand. Then you won’t have the trouble. It will be packaged and ready for takeoff.

Is it allowed to smoke onboard the tour-boats?

No, it is not, but if you rent a private tour-boat, you yourselves decide if you can smoke onboard or not.

When is it necessary to buy tickets in advance?

It is a good idea to buy tickets in advance online if you are more than 10 people travelling together.

Can you reserve a ticket for your event-tours e.g. Fairy Tales On The River or Music On The River?

No, they have to be bought online in advance – Click your way into the wanted event where you will find a link for buying a ticket. If it is not sold out, we sell the rest of the tickets on the day of the event by the principle of “first come, first served”.


There is a car park just across the street from Aafarten, Here you can see a map of the area.

You can also take the free Citybus that stops almost at our doorstep. Get off at Søndergade/Vestergade or Holdsdore. The bus leaves every 10 minutes; Monday-Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm. and Saturday from 11 am. to 4:30 pm.
Alternative routes may occur during festivals and bigger events in August and September, so keep an eye on the timetable here

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