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Rent a canoe

Would you like to enjoy a trip down Odense Å and are you feeling a bit adventurous, then maybe you would like renting a canoe at Odense Aafart. If not, you also have the ability to rent a pedalo with us or jump on board our tourboatHere you can enjoy a city break on the water while eating up the scenery which surrounds the stream.

We can offer to rent a canoe on an hourly basis or for an extended trip down the river. If you rent a canoe on an hourly basis you can sail out as far as you want and return within the decided timeframe. You, unfortunately, do not have the ability to pre-plan such a trip or reserve a canoe on an hourly basis. The canoes are rented out in Munke Mose park at the Odense Aafart kiosk and are first come first served.

However, we also offer multiple routes for you to enjoy a longer trip along the river. Here you pay for the day and have the ability to spend as much time as you want on one of our preset routes. We have a 9,9km route, departing from Bellinge and a 3,2km route departing from Fruens Bøge. If none of these routes suit you, we have the ability to help you with a different route. You can read more about it here.

Our day trips allow you to dock your canoe at different places along the route. Here you can enjoy the scenery while taking a break from sailing and/or eat a pre-packed lunch. If you would like to purchase lunch from us, we can offer you a picnic basket to bring along on your trip.

We estimate that the longer trip will take about 3,5-5 hours and the shorter trip about 2 hours. These estimates depend on how many breaks you will take and how long the breaks are. Provided that you return before closing time, you have free rein over how you spend your time. You can view our opening hours here and look at our prices here.

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Rent a pedalo

At Odense Aafart you can rent a pedalo and enjoy a trip down the river in each others company. One of our pedalos seats four people, two people can hang out in the front without having to paddle while the backseats are equipped with paddles and a steering wheel. Renting a pedalo is a good way to enjoy the beautiful nature in and around the river. You may even catch a glimpse of the Common Kingfisher in the bushes or trees surrounding the river. Many birds live on and around the river and on some days you may be witness to a White-tailed Eagle grabbing a fish from the water. If you travel far enough down the river you will pass Odense Zoo and catch a glimpse inside the zoological gardens from the comfort of your rented pedalo.

Odense Å is definitely worth the visit and a good opportunity to hang out with your favourite people. You will pass by many different docks where you will be able to enjoy your pre-packed lunch. If you forgot to pack lunch you are also able to buy both food and drinks at the kiosk located at Odense Aafart in Munke Mose park. This is also where you will rent your pedalo.

In order to rent a pedalo, you have to leave valid identification (such as an ID or passport) at the kiosk. An hour in one of our pedals costs 100 DDK, and unfortunately, you are not able to reserve or book a pedalo beforehand. You can view our opening hours here and look at our prices here.

If you would prefer another means of transportation down the river, you can also rent either a canoe or jump on our tour boat.

Tour boat

Do you want a totally unique and different frame for your party or event, then you have come to the right place.
If you choose to have your event in one of our tour boats, you will give yourself and your guests a nuanced experience that will be remembered.

You can host your wedding, birthday or whatever you want, on the river. Contact us for more information.

If you just want to jump onboard on one of our tour boats, you can read more about it here.

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