canoe company event

Canoe company event

If your company wants to experience the fairytale-like surroundings on Odense River, the canoe renting of Odense Aafart is just up your alley.
Here, you will get the possibility of exploring the beautiful nature, the historical tales of the laundry places along the shore where also H.C. Andersen’s mother used to wash the clothes. You will experience the rich wildlife with both birds and fish. You can bring your own food to enjoy at the many tables along the river, where you can go ashore with the canoes.


Practical information

Your canoes can be ready for you in Fruens Bøge (the Beech Wood Forest) or in Bellinge depending on your order.

No matter the pickup time, the canoes have to be delivered back to the workshop of Odense Aafart across from Munke Mose no later than 6 pm.

Renting of the canoes is at your own risk.


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