Fairytale-like teambuilding events

At Odense Aafart we offer two types of company events which focuses on activity, competition, and teambuilding.

Boat ride and competitive activities in Fruens Bøge (Lady’s Beech)

If you want to forge stronger bonds starting with physicial activities and competitions, then this teambuilding event is perfect for you.
Here, you will get to unfold yourselves actively while developing your team as a group. Activities will include segways, archery, slacklining, etc.

The event starts in Munke Mose, where you will sail with Odense Aafart to Fruens Bøge. Here, you will get to unfold yourselves and compete actively. We will take care of all food (sandwiches) and drinks (beer/soda). On the boat ride back to Munke Mose you can enjoy each other’s company and end the eventful day with a glass of cold and sparkling champagne while taking in the fairytale-like calm and tranquil Odense River.

Practical information

We meet at Odense Aafart in Munke Mose.

Picnic is included in the price (One sandwich and three beers or water) and sparkling champagne or coffee and cake on the ride back to Munke Mose.

You have the possibility of adding extra refreshments like coffee, tea, etc.

The teambuilding event is suitable for 10-90 persons. The teambuilding event is held from April 1st to November 1st.

Fun, shenanigans, and segway in the Ansgar Plant

If your company prefers to stay on land for your teambuilding event, we can arrange that as well.
We will put up a segway track, where you will get the opportunity to challenge yourselves and each other, and most importantly, get to laugh a lot together.
First off, an instructor will teach you how the segway works, and thereafter you just have to give it a go with obstacles on the track.
You can make both individual competitions and competitions in teams, depending on what makes the most sense to you as a group.
We are ready to help you during the whole event.

Practical information

We meet at the Ansgar Plant in the center of Odense. We have five segways at our disposal and one instructor. We offer extra activities for those who are not using a segway.

We recommend that you set aside 1-2 hours for the event (This depends on the number of persons you are, and whether or not you have a specific time frame.)

The teambuilding event is suitable for 2-20 persons. We recommend a time frame of one hour per. 10 persons. The teambuilding event can be held the whole year but is subject to change according to the weather.

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