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We sail from Munkemose

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Odense Aafart – Tour boat departures 2020:

If and when you want to explore Odense from a different side you can take our tourboat from Munke Mose Park or any of the other stops on our route. A round trip on our tourboat takes about an hour. Here you have the option to enjoy the full route along the rive. You can also use the boat as a means of transportation to get from point A to point B. There are three stops along the way.

Tour boat stops

The first stop is Munke Mose park, here you can jump on the boat and buy some snacks, sandwiches or drinks in our kiosk before departure. The second stop is Odense Zoo, here you can hop off and enjoy the zoo and all its animals. When you are ready to return you can board the next tourboat back to Munke Mose.

The third stop is Erik Bøghs Sti (a pathway), located in Fruens Bøge. Fruens Bøge is a lovely area in Odense which gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a city break near the city centre.

If you take our tour boat to Fruens Bøge you will be able to use your ticket as a discount voucher at some of the restaurants. At restaurant Carlslund, you will get a free beer or soda when you order their danish omelette. At Bondestuen and at Skovbakken you will get a free beer or soda when you order lunch. If you decide to book a table in advance at Skovbakken, you can take the boat to Odense Zoo instead. Someone from the restaurant will pick you up at the pier and lead you to your table. You do, of course, have the option to bring your lunch or picnic which you can enjoy in the meadow or on one of the many benches. If you forgot to pack lunch and want to bring something with you before entering the forest, you can buy food and drink at our kiosk in Munke Mose Park.

It is up to you, where you want to jump on or off the boat. All stops along the river can be used as a place of arrival or departure. Enjoy the ‘hygge’ while you are sailing along the river and relax while the tourboat shows you Odense from a different side.

In addition to the tourboat you also have the option of renting either a canoe or a pedalo when at Munke Mose.

The tourboat’s schedule of departure is listed to the right. The boat sails mainly in the summer period. However, the boat also departs, during Easter, in week 42 (the autumn holiday) and every weekend in September. 

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