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In general, cookies are used to recognise you when you are revisiting our website and can help to generate anonymous data to third party application, such as Google Analytics. Cookies will make your browsing experience better. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can turn them off. The most effective way to do so is to turn off cookies in your browser. You can read more about the Danish cookies legislation at erhvervsstyrelsen.


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What is Cookie?

Cookies are small text-files that we save on your device in order to keep track on what is going on under your visit and to recognise your device. A cookie only consists of text and it not a program and does not consist of a virus.


The Website’s Cookie Policy

Cookies are necessary for the website to function. Furthermore, cookies provide us with an overview of your visit which gives us the opportunity to continuously optimise according to your needs and interests.


How To Reject and Delete Your Cookies

Rejection of cookies: You can always reject cookies on your devise by changing the settings in your Internet-browser. Where to find the settings depends on the browser you are using. Note, that if you do so, there are a lot of functions and services that you cannot use because these functions and services are dependent on the website remembering the choices you make. You can turn off cookies from Google Analytics here.


Deleting cookies: Cookies that you previously have accepted can easily be deleted. If you are using a computer with an updated Internet-browser, you can delete your cookies, using these short cuts: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If this does not work and/or you are using a MAC computer, the first step is to find out what browser you are using and then click on the relevant link:

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Remember: If you are using several Internet-browsers, you have to delete the cookies in all of them.

Any Questions?

If you have any comments or questions related to our information and/or treatment of personal data, please contact us. The cookie declaration is provided by Cookie Information and if you have any questions regarding the declaration, please contact

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