Parking Odense Aafart

Because the boat tours start and finish in Munke Mose, we recommend to park the car next to Aafartens kiosk where there are a lot of parking opportunities. Odense C also offers a lot of opportunities for parking, however most of them demand payment or are time-limited parking. When parking at Odense Aafart, we recommend to park in the car park “Filosoffen” right next to Odense Aafart. Our guests are offered a discount when parking in Filosoffen’s car park when they do the booking here.

You can find the canoes at Aafartens Værksted located approximately 700 meters from the car park at Filosoffen. You can find the location for Aafartens Værksted on this map. There are further opportunities for parking, and you can find them here:

Follow our guide for parking in Filosoffens car park next to Aafartens kiosk. Also, check out the opening hours for the kiosk and pedal boat and the sail schedule HERE.