Take the Tour Boat on a Sailing Trip

No summer in Odense without a trip with Aafarten on Odense River. Since 1882, we have sailed in the city of fairy tales and given our guests a fantastic experience.

Hop on board and experience a scenic sailing that takes you along the gardens of Odense’s fine old quarters, past Odense Zoo and out to ‘Bøgeskoven’ in Fruens Bøge.

Here, with your ticket, you can get off the boat to enjoy some of the facilities that the beautiful forest offers – including a restaurant visit, a walk, an ice cream shop and much more. A trip at Odense Aafart can also be combined with a visit to Den Fynske Landsby or Odense Zoo.

After you have enjoyed some pleasant moments, you can take the boat back to Munke Mose a bit later with the same ticket, where you can visit our kiosk and have a refreshment.

How It Takes Place

  • The trip lasts approx. 1 hour – 30 minutes each way.
  • Our tour boat sails a fixed route starting from Munke Mose. Afterwards, there is a stop at Odense Zoo, and at Fruens Bøge.
  • Tickets can be bought online or at the kiosk in Munkemose.
  • The ticket includes a return ticket. When ordering, you choose the departure time for the trip and the return time.
  • Ordinary wheelchairs and walkers can be included.
  • Baby carriages and pushcarts cost a child ticket.
  • There are no sales on board the tour boat, so stop by the kiosk and get a hot cup of coffee or a snack you can enjoy on the trip.

FAQ – Tour Boats Odense Aafart

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question, you are always welcome to contact us.

How long time does the tour take?

The trip takes approximately 1 time in total. Departure from Munke Mose is always at the hour. Arrival at Odense Zoo is 20 minutes past, and arrival at Fruens Bøge is half the hour.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, if you believe that it will be okay with sailing and being around a lot of people. Please notice: you are not allowed to bring a dog into Odense ZOO.

Can I get on the tour boat with a wheelchair?

Only manual wheelchairs can enter the tour boat. There are two steps down to onboard the boat. There is no ramps available, so you need help to get down the two steps to onboard the boat. Then we carry the wheelchair down afterwards. Rollators are welcome.

Can I get off at the Zoo?

Yes, but it requires that you have bought a ticket to Odense ZOO. You can also get on at the ZOO and pay for the trip directly to the captain or get off at Munke Mose and pay at the kiosk. Please notice that it is not allowed to bring a dog into Odense  ZOO.

For how long is my ticket valid?

The ticket is valid for one entire tour with the boat. Munke Mose -> ZOO -> Fruens Bøge and return – and not necessarily in that order. You can get off and on along the trip.

The ticket is valid the day it was bought.

Are they any student or senior discount?

No, we have two kind of tickets; a child ticket and an adult ticket. Otherwise you can buy an annual pass.
Elementary schools sail at a special price – see more under prices.

Is it possible to onboard in Fruens Bøge without a ticket?

Yes, either buy a ticket directly from the captain, or buy it in the kiosk when you arrive in Munke Mose. It is also possible to pay in cash or with MobilePay on board.

Can I bring my own drinks and food on board the tour boats?

Yes, but not during tours where we sell drinks (eg. ‘Music on the River’). It must not be to the annoyance of the other passengers. Therefore, we recommend that you order drinks in advance at our kiosk, so you do not have to worry about it. It will be packed and ready before sailing.

Is smoking allowed on board the tour boats?

No, it is not allowed to smoke on board the tour boats. However, if you book a private tour boat, you decide whether smoking on board is allowed or not.

When is it necessary to buy a ticket in advance?

It is a good idea to buy the ticket in advance online during the high season – and if you are more than 10 people.

Can you bring a baby carriage?

Yes, it is allowed. Baby carriage, pushchair, hand cart, and so on costs one child ticket.

Wheelchairs does not cost extra, but we do not have room for big electrical wheelchairs.

It is not allowed to bring bikes on board.

Where can I park my car?

There is a car park just across Aafarten. See the map of the area here. Parking by Aafarten’s kiosk is a good idea as the tour boats begins and ends in Munke Mose. By the Aafart’s kiosk, you can find rows of parking options for cars. Odense C offers a lot of options for parking, however, most of them require payment or are only for a limited time. Our recommendation is for you to park at the parking house ‘Filosoffen’, which is close to Odense Aafart. Our guests receive a discount for parking in Filosoffen’s parking house by booking here.

You can take the free Citybus, which stops almost at Aafarten. Get off at Søndergade/Vestergade or Holsdore. The bus drives approx. every 10 minutes: Monday-Friday 9-16.30 and Saturday 11-15.30.

During festivals and major events, e.g., in August and September, there may be alternative routes. Therefore, keep an eye on the timetable here.