Do you need to strengthen your teamwork skills in an existing and different way? Then bring your colleagues to Mystery Tour with Odense Aafart.

Here you will have the opportunity to solve mysteries and riddles in a thrilling hunt for the trust. We combine the best from teambuilding, Escape Rooms, and riddles with a beautiful trip along Odense Å.


Odense Aafart’s Mystery Tour is a wonderful cocktail of teamwork, competition and a trip in the fantastic and dramatic history of Odense. It is an intelligence entertainment and is customised teambuilding for both small and big companies. You need to use your heads and show your abilities to collaborate with each other.

We offer to different kinds of Mystery Tours.

Duration: 3 hours.

Price: 2499 kr + Price pr. person: 269 kr.

Number of participants: 2-100, but you have to pay for at least 10 people.

Suitable for groups.

You choose the date and the time.

The Murder in Fruens Bøge

Solve the murder mystery with your colleagues

Would you like to go back to the colourful 70’s? Are you ready to take on the role as an investigation team on one of the most mentioned murder cases in the history of Odense – The Murder in Fruens Bøge? Strengthen you relations and collaboration and join the hunt for the murderer in the unsolved murder case.

The Secret Brotherhood

A thrilling riddle in the mystery of Odense

Would you for a short time like to step out of reality and into the history? To play another role in another life in a nerve-racking race against time?
Then join Odense Aafart when one of the biggest riddles of Odense, the mystery of The Secret Brotherhood in Fruens Bøge, has to be solved.