Rent a Tour Boat for Your Event

We not only offer the regular trips on our tour boats – it is also possible to rent a boat for your private company, your round birthday, your wedding or something else. We offer both wine tastings, gin tastings, trips with music, or coffee and cake.


Prices, rent a tour boat

Monday-Thursday 3.800 DKK

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4.500 DKK for one hour


Pr. exceeding hour:

Monday-Thursday 1.900 DKK

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2.250 DKK

Boat Tour with Coffee and Cake


Bring your coworker onto an idyllic boat trip in nature on Odense River, where you can get out and enjoy each others company.

By renting a tour boat, we offer coffee and cake at an attractive package-price, which you can enjoy onboard the boat.

The prices for renting your own boat:

Monday-Thursday: 3500 DKK
Friday-Sunday: 4500 DKK

Coffee/tea & cake (min 10. people):   
65 DKK

Create Your Own Wine Tasting

By renting your own boat, you can purchase a wine tasting. In collaboration with H.J Hansen and Bichel Vine, we will be sailing up Odense River, while you hear about and taste a lot of different wines. You can choose which theme you want.

It could be a rosé tasting, champagne tasting, sparking wine, French or Italien wines. Or maybe a gin tasting.

Prices for renting your own tour boat:
Monday-Thursday: 3800 DKK
Friday-Sunday: 4500 DKK

Price pr. person for wine tasting:
From 299 DKK

Call on 66107080 or send a mail to

Guided Tours

Odense Aafart has a collaboration with Guideservice Danmark, and we can therefore offer different guided trips tailered right to your company’s event.

You can read more about the different options here:

“Sejle op ad åen og sejle nedad igen ……”

“Odense Å fra Munkemose til Den Fynske Landsby”

“En tur langs Odense Å i H.C. Andersens fodspor – med sejltur på åen”


Contact us on and hear more about the options.

Romantic Wedding on the River

Did you know that you can have your wedding on Odense River?

Take a trip up and down Odense River on your big day and enjoy the nature along the lake.

On Odense River you can enjoy the togetherness with the people closest to you, while enjoying something cold to drink and sweet to eat, if that is something you would like.

You will also be able to decorate the boat right to your wishes, so that you can create the right atmosphere for your wedding.

At Odense Aafart you can choose to begin your weeding with a boat trip on Odense River before the dinner. 

You can also choose to have the ceremony onboard the boat or at Fruens Bøge. The boat can also be the transport to Fruens Bøge or Odense ZOO, where you can also have your ceremony.


We will do everything we can to ensure that you day will be unforgettable.

Book now, so you are ensured a boat on the exact day that you want to have the event.

Warm Up to an Unforgettable Party

A trip on the river before the dinner or the party will get the guests in a good mood.

They may have had a drink on board, and they share the experience of talking about when the party will begin. It is the perfect lead up to a good event.

Odense Aafart will ensure the drinks on board, so that you can enjoy a glass of bubbles or wine, while you sail to your destination. If you wish for music on board, then this is also possible.

Prices for renting your own tour boat:
Monday-Thursday: 3800 DKK
Friday-Sunday: 4500 DKK

A Boat Tour with Music

Bring music on the trip. The boat trip is in itself a lovely experience, but if it is spiced up with live music, then you will have an event in another league.

Aafarten can recommend a handful of musicians and orchestras, who always delivers and creates a good atmosphere on board.

Whether you are to acoustic rock/pop, jazz, guitar, accordion or songs – we have it all.

You can use our sound system and put your own music on.

FAQ – Rent your own tour boat

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question, you are always welcome to contact us.

What does it cost to rent a tour boat?

You can see the different prices at the top of  this page.

How many people are there room for on board?

The boats are approved for 90 people. Do you want catering and entertainment on board, then we recommend no more than 70 people.

Is it possible to add additionel catering on board?

We are more than happy to ensure catering on board, when you rent your own tour boat. When ordering beverages, the cost will be calculated afterwards based on your consumption.

We have all types of beverages, coffee and cake, and sandwiches and tapas from Klingenberg.

How long can I rent a boat?

You are renting a boat for an hour, which is one trip out and one trip back again. You can split the trip up, so that you can sail out, make a stay, and then sail back again later.

It is possible to rent the boat for multiple hours. There is half price on the additional hours.

Can I split the trip up?

You are allowed to split the trip up. The price includes one trip/return. Therefore, you have the possibility to sail out in the morning and get picked up in the afternoon.

Can we bring our own beverages?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own beverages. If you do this, then you are in charge of the practical aspect, such as bringing glasses and cleaning up afterwards, before you leave the boat.

Can a table be set up for catering?

You always have the possibility for a table to be placed in the middle of the boat for catering. Please inform us of this when booking.

Can we borrow blankets?

Yes, you can borrow blankets if the weather is cold. Please inform us of this when booking.

Is there a microphone on board?

You have the possibility to borrow our microphone. Please inform us of this when booking.

Can we play music on board?

We have a sound system and speakers on board and it can be borrowed. It is not allowed to play loud music on board, but you can play cosy music.

Is it possible to get a band on board?

You have the possibility to have a band on board.

Please notice that you are renting the boat for one hour and there might be bookings before you. If the band needs time to set up, then the boat needs to be rented for an extra hour.

Where can we park a bus?

The guests can get off at the bus stop at Ansgar church (about 20 m). The bus should afterwards be parked by the city’s bus stop (see which ones at

Where can you park your car?

There is a car park just across Aafarten. – See the map of the area here.

Parking by Aafarten’s kiosk is a good idea as the tour boats begins and ends in Munke Mose. By the Aafart’s kiosk, you can find rows of parking options for cars. Odense C offers a lot of options for parking, however, most of them require payment or are only for a limited time. Our recommendation is for you to park at the parking house ‘Filosoffen’, which is close to Odense Aafart. Our guests receive a discount for parking in Filosoffen’s parking house by booking here.

You can take the free Citybus, which stops almost at Aafarten. Get off at Søndergade/Vestergade or Holsdore. The bus drives approx. every 10 minutes: Monday-Friday 9-16.30 and Saturday 11-15.30. During festivals and major events, e.g., in August and September, there may be alternative routes. Therefore, keep an eye on the timetable here.