Do Your Own Wine Tasting

At Odense Aafart you have the opportunity to do your own private wine tasting that can be the foundation of your company’s next event.

We are in collaboration with several wine stores and sommerlieres who will teach you about the different wines while you sail along the beautiful Odense Å.

Besides win tasting, Odense Aafart also offers the opportunity to do your own Gin & Tonic tasting. In this event, you will usually taste 4-5 different gin & tonics.

Both events will take place on board one of Aafarten’s tour boats that you and your friends will have all to your selves.

vinsmagning for virksomheder

Many Opportunities for Your Wine Tasting

In order for you to do your own wine tasting, we have collected a range of different examples for tasting in order for you to have something to choose from. If you have any specific requests, it can be arranged in collaboration with a sommerlier.


Wine Tasting:

A wine tasting will usually consist of 5 different wines. You can choose the theme yourself, for example:

  • Italian wines
  • French wines
  • Rosé
  • Bubbles

Gin & Tonic Tasting:

Here you will usually taste 4-5 different gin & tonics.

During the tasting, a gin expert will tell you about the different gins and it will be possible to ask questions.


Price of renting a boat + price of wine tasting pr. person

Rent a Tour Boat

  • Monday-Thursday    3.500 DKK
  • Friday-Sunday    4.500 DKK
Pr. exceeding hour:
  • Monday-Thursday    1.750 DKK
  • Friday-Sunday    2.250 DKK

Price pr. Person for Wine Tasting:

299 DKK