Children Tour: Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure

Experience for Children: Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure

Do you and the rest of your family need to have a different experience? Then, Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure might be the thing for you!

Many years ago, Theodor Schiøtz hid a big gold treasure that was supposed to help the citizens of Odense in case they got in trouble. It is now up to Theodor’s great great granddaughter, Isabella, to keep the treasure safe. But she needs your help! Gorm Wladimit Kuznetsov, also known as Greedy Gorm, has heard about the treasure and plans to steal it. He must be stopped!


Join the treasure hunt!

On the tour, you will take one of Aafartens tour boats from Munke Mose, and your treasure hunt begins when you arrive at Fruens Bøge. It is now up to you to crack the code before Greedy Gorm. On the way to Fruens Bøge you will be told the story of Theodor, Isabella and Greedy Gorm. In that way, you will be ready to search for the password when reaching Fruens Bøge.

You have 1 hour to solve 6 riddles and crack the code to the gold treasure before the boat will sail you back to Munke Mose. It is important that you are all attentive – maybe Greedy Gorm is lurking in Fruens Bøge to search for the same clues as you – or is trying to fool you.

On this tour, you have the opportunity to explore the nature and landmarks in Fruens Bøge in a new and different way while you solve the riddle behind Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure. It is the perfect occasion to explore nature, enjoy each other’s company, and get a great and different experience on Aafarten’s tour boat.

When the tour starts, you will receive a map that shows you where the tasks are located. The map will also guide you through the beautiful area in Fruens Bøge at the same time as the tasks tell you about the landmarks. The tasks consist of puzzles and riddles that are relatively easy to solve in order for the youngest to fully participate. If you crack the code before the time runs out, your children will win a small prize when they get off the boat in Munke Mose.

We are looking forward to exploring the mystery with you!


Practical Information:

It is possible to join the treasure hunt Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure for the time on May 13, 2022. Thereafter the tour occurs on the following days:

  • Sunday, June 26, 2022
  • Every Monday-Friday from July 1st to August 5th
  • Saturday, August 13, 2022
  • Saturday, August 20, 2022
  • Saturday, August 27, 2022
  • Saturday, October 15 to Saturday, October 22, 2022

The tour starts in Munke Mose at 2:00 pm, and you will be sailed back to Munke Mose when the tour is over. The duration of the tour is 2 hours.

Be sure to arrive in good time – 15 minutes before departure, at the latest. The boat will sail at precisely 2:00 pm and will be back 4:00 pm.

Suggested age range: 4-11 years old.


Children: 99 DKK.
Adults: 129 DKK

It is also possible to buy a family ticket for two adults and two children for 399 DKK. If extra children or adult tickets are needed aside from the family ticket, you will need to buy them as extras.

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