Teambuilding with the Colleagues

Do your and your colleagues’ teamwork need a boost? Then bring your colleagues to Odense Aafart and try out our Mystery Tours.


Here you get the opportunity to solve mysteries and riddles in a thrilling hunt for the truth. We combine the best from teambuilding, Escape Rooms, and riddles with a beautiful trip along Odense Å.

Odense Aafart’s Mystery Tours are a wonderful cocktail of teamwork, competition and a trip in the fantastic and dramatic history of Odense. It is intelligence entertainment and is customised teambuilding for both small and big companies. You need to use your heads and show your abilities to collaborate with each other.

Would you like to go back to the colourful 70’s? And are you ready to take the role as an investigation team on one of the most mentioned murder cases in the history of Odense – The Murder In Fruens Bøge? Strengthen you relations and teamwork and join us in the hunt for the murderer in the unsolved murder case.

The Murder in Fruens Bøge

Would you like to go back to the colourful 70’s? And are you ready to take the role as an investigation team on one of the most mentioned murder cases in the history of Odense – The Murder In Fruens Bøge? Strengthen you relations and teamwork and join us in the hunt for the murderer in the unsolved murder case.


When you think about Fruens Bøge today, you probably associate it with enjoyable times with friends and family under the beautiful, green beeches. However, 50 years ago, in 1972, it was a whole other story.

Back then, in the free and colourful 70’s, the times was characterised by music, flowers, free love, and tolerance. One of the most prominent people in the youth rebellion in Odense was Tanja Flyvholm. She had great plans about establishing a free town in Fruens Bøge. Unfortunately, it was soon to be shown that the tolerance was not as big as one thought. A brutal murder happened in the normally so idyllic Fruens Bøge. Tanja Flyvholm was found murdered. But who was behind it?

Back then, Bent Bjerre was a young, newly qualified police officer at Odense Police. Bent and his investigation team never succeeded in solving this tragic case. Now you have the opportunity to reopen the case and see if you can solve it. Bent Bjerre has to enjoy is life in retirement but in order to do so, the tragic murder case has to be solved! Bent Bjerre’s peaceful retirement now depends on you!

How It Works

The tour begins in Munke Mose where the tour boat will transport you to Fruens Bøge. On board, Bent Bjerre will tell you about the times back in the 70’s and, not the least, the story about that fateful day in 1972.


Next, at the arrival in Fruens Bøge, the race against time to solve the murder mystery begins!


You need to pull out your magnifiers, but you also need to be fast and think clearly because it is a race against time and, not the least, against the other investigation teams. During your time in Fruens Bøge, you need to decode signs and symbols, read mysterious letters, crack codes – and especially work together. You need to show that you are the best at collecting all the clues in the end in order to figurer out who the right killer is.


After a fun and exciting day in Fruens Bøge, you will be sailed back to Munke Mose and on the way, the winning investigation team will be announced.


If you wish to strengthen your team working skills or just have a different and fun afternoon together, this is the perfect experience for a company or a group of friends.

Prices and Practical Information


Our Mystery Tours can be booked as both a group or company exercise were teamwork and patience will be tested. Bring your colleagues and see if you can solve all the riddles and find all the clues!


  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Price: 2499 kr + 269 kr. pr person incl. boat trip.
  • Number of participants: 2-100 (you have to pay for at least 10 people)
  • Suitable for groups
  • You choose the date and the time.

FAQ – Mystery Tour

Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Should you still have a question, then you are always welcome to contact us.

How many people can participate in Mystery Tour?

2-100 people can participate in Mystery Tours, but we will charge you for at least 10 people. If you are more than 70 people, you will need to have two tour boats.

Do we get our own tour boat?

Yes, when booking a Mystery Tour you will get your own tour boats both on the way out and the way home.

Will there be any meals during the day?

Usually we will supply some food and drinks during the day. We will put the beverage on the boat and bring it to Fruens Bøge. The price for food and beverage will be calculated by consumption. We can also supply sandwiches and tapas, for example, in collaboration with the delicacy store, Klingenberg.
You are also more than welcome to bring your own food and beverage.

How long is the tour?

The duration of the tour is 3 hours. The trip to Fruens Bøge last for 30 minutes. Thereafter you have 2 hours til solve the mystery in Fruens Bøge and then we will return to Munke Mose.

What is a Game Master?

Our Game Master is your host for the day. They will guide you through the experience and help in case of any problems. Your Game Master will also have an active role during the exercise as a part of the experience.

What should we bring?

Because this is an outdoor exercise and the route is approximately 3 km, be sure to dress according to the weather and to wear comfortable shoes. Also, have in mind that there is a risk of your clothes getting dirty.

Can the trip be combined with a visit to a restaurant in Fruens Bøge?

Yes, it is possible to finish Mystery Tours in Fruens Bøge and then go eat at Carlslund, Restaurant Skovbakken or Bondestuen, for example. If you wish to be transported back the Munke Mose after the restaurant, this is included in the price. However, please notice that we do not sail after nightfall.

How can we book a tour?

You can book a Mystery Tour by sending an e-mail to or by contacting us by phone: +45 66 70 80


Mystery Tour - The Secret Brotherhood

A thrilling hunt for riddles in the mystery of Odense.

Would you like, for a short time, to step out of reality and into the history? Would you like to play another role in another life in a nerve-racking race against time?
Then join Odense Aafart when one of the biggest riddles in Odense, the mystery of The Secret Brotherhood i Fruens Bøge, needs to be solved.