25. March 2021

5 Different Summer Vacation Experiences on Funen

Are you missing inspiration for summer vacation experiences on Funen? Then you can experience a lof of exciting experiences and visit a lot of attractions. In this blog we have collected 5 different summer vacation experiences that you can experience on Funen. The idea is for the experiences to be for different age groups.


Go on a treasure hunt

Børn, der læser et skattekort

Photo: Odense Aafart

If you are missing a different summer vacation experience on Funen for the entire familiy, then it is fitting to go on a treasure hunt Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure. You take the tour boat from Munke Mose and the actual treasure hunt begins, when you arrive at ‘Fruens Bøge’. It is possible to go on a treasure hunt all weekends, vacations and holidays from the 5th of June to the 16th of August 2021. The treasure hunt is suitable for children in the age group 4-11-years-old, and the duration is about one hour.


Pedal boats or canoe

Unge mennesker, der ror kano

Photo: Odense Aafart

If you like an active summer vacation, then it is also possible to rent a canoe or a pedal boat from Odense Aafart. If you rent a canoe, then you can choose between four different routes, which all have different difficulties levels. You can read more about this on Odense Aafart’s  Canoe renting webpage.

It is also possible to rent a pedal boat. Here you can bring your own picnic basket and eat onboard surrounded by Odense River’s beautiful nature. If you rent a pedal boat or a canoe, you can take the trip at your own speed. It is a true summer vacation experience to pedal or paddle in Odense’s beautiful, fantastic and adventurous river.


‘Den Fynske Landsby’

En kvinde og en mand, der arbejder med hø

Photo: Den Fynske Landsby

You can also spend your summer vacation travelling back in time. Bring the entire familiy on a journey back to the 19th century. At Den Fynske Landsby you can experience how it was to live in H.C. Andersen’s time. The actual museum consists of a lot of different farms and houses, which have stood around on Funen and the other islands. ‘Den Fynske Landsby’ has lots of different actitivies and arrangements in the village.



                           Odins Odense

Børn og voksne i Odins Odense

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen/Visit Odense

At Odins Odense you can bring your entire familiy back to the time, where the Iron Ages was replaced by the Viking Ages. You can also visit the living village, where you can see different activities from around 500 B.C and around 1100 years after Christ. This is a summer vacation for the ages.




En dreng, der står med en slange

Photo: Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is a fun summer vacation experience. Odense Zoo is cozy zoo with lots of different animals from around the world. It is possible to take the tour boat from Munke Mose to Odense Zoo. It is also possible to take the tour boat back to Munk Mose again after your visit.