23. March 2021

The Aafart’s tour boat will set sail again from the 1st of April

There is light ahead if you are dreaming about sailing on Odense River. Odense Aafart is set to begin the season for their tour boats as planned on the 1st of April. 

Last year, Odenseans had to wait all the way until the end of May, before they could get onboard the traditional tour boats at Odense Aafart. Luckily, this is not the case this year, as the boats are setting sail already on the 1st of April.

The reason as to why the tour boats can sail now if because they are not a part of the assembly ban. Habor cruise boats, tourist busses, ect. are not a part of the ban. It is therefore allowed to be more than 10 people onboard the boats. However, it is not allowed to be an assembly of more than 10 people, as the ban states regarding being outside.

It is therefore again possible to buy tickets to the boats, as long as you as a group are not more than 10 people.

Good distance and lots of hand sanitizer
Odense Aafart will as a maximum have 30 tickets for sale pr. departure. The boats are approved for 92 people, so this will be under 1/3 of its capacity. It is therefore possible to have a good distance between everyone onboard, so that everyone can feel safe. In addition, there will be more than enough hand sanitizer. And last but not least, masks are required in order to ensure everyones’ safety onboard.

“After a long winter, we are more than excited that we once again have the opportunity to invite happy guests onboard our tour boats. We are all hungering for good experiences and we have a unique opportunity to offer safe outdoors activites for everyone” says director Eva Pasgaard, Odense Aafart.

Easter offers lots of experiences on the river

For the many families taking time off for Easter and craving to get outside and experience something together, there are more outdoors and safe experiences to choose between. Besides a trip in the tour boats, it is also possible to rent pedal boats and canoes. They do not have requirements for masks or corona passes. The canoes will be cleaned with soap between each booking. If you rent a pedal boat, then you’ll have to sanitize your hands before the trip and every person will be handed out a disinfection wipe to wipe the surfaces with.

Odense Aafart is already avaliable to rent canoes and pedal bikes, and the tour boats will set sail after the sail plan from the 1st of April. Buy your tickets here.