4. March 2020

Odense Aafart Introduces Gin & Tonic Cruises

Odense Aafart can finally introduce a whole new event on Odense Å. This year, we introduce 5 fantastic Gin & Tonic Cruises on Odense Å. 

If you think that Aafarten’s tour boats were for tourists only, you have not heard about this Gin & Tonic Cruise. Lean back and enjoy the wind in your hair with an exclusive gin & tonic in your hand.

From May to August 2020 Odense Aafart hosts five cruises with gin & tonic tastings on board and the tickets are now up for sale.

– Where our usual tours primarily focus on what you see outside the boat, this cruise focus on what you taste and enjoy on board and on the people you are surrounded with. Thus, the purpose is to offer a unique and exclusive gin experience with many different flavours. At the same time, there is some nostalgia associated with gin which you get to relive on the tour, Eva Pasgaard, CEO Odense Aafart, expresses.

Bente Valentin Hansen, previous owner of Nørregade Vin, will guide the guests through the different gins. Bente has hosted several gin tastings and gin festivals and has a great knowledge about gin.

On the cruise, there will be served selected and delicate variations of gin and tonic. The boat sails from Munke Mose where the first G&T is served. During the tour you will be guided through the wonderful world of gin. The next G&T will be served in Fruens Bøge where the boat has its first stop. The last G&T will be served on the way home to Munke Mose.


The Concept is Simple but Great:

– 1,5 hour sail on Odense Å
– 3 Gin & Tonics
– Stop i the forest in Fruens Bøge, where one of the G&Ts is served
– Introduction about the different gins
– Little, funny stories during the tour


299 kr

Fun facts:

Odense has sailed along Odense Å since 1882.
When Odense Aafart took its first tour, it was only for “the rich and fine” people who could afford the tour. Today, the tour is for everybody.

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