18. May 2020

Odense Aafart Introduces a New Family Experience

“Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure” is the new family experience at Odense Aafart. Go treasure hunting with your family on board the tour boats and in Fruens Bøge. This new family experience is so far the biggest gambling for Aafarten.

Families with children on Funen should start to look forward to a new experience. Odense now has a new family attraction. From June 13, families with children can go treasure hunting in Fruens Bøge and look for Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure.

Last week we announced our newest initiativ: “Private Gin & Tonic Cruise” for adults. Now we can represent the newest initiativ for families with children: treasure hunting in Fruens Bøge, looking for Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure.

You can go hunting for Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure in every weekend and holidays during the summer and fall. In total, 35 different days! The new family experience is an innovation as the event occur both on board the tour boats and on land.


The Story of Theodor, Isabella and Greedy Gorm

The experienced is thought through to the last detail. On board, on the way to the forest in Fruens Bøge, the story of Theodor Schiøtz is being told. Many years ago, Theodor hit a gold treasure which purpose was to help the citizens of Odense in case of any troubles. Isabella, the great great granddaughter of Theodor, now has the responsibility to protect the treasure. But she needs help. Gorm Wladimit Kuznetsov, also called Greedy Gorm, has heard about the gold treasure and wants to steal it, and he must be stopped.

When getting to Fruens Bøge, every family has 1 hour to solve 6 puzzles to get 6 clues. On the way back, the end of the story of Theodor, Isabella and Greedy Gorm will be told.You receive a prize if all 6 puzzles have been solved and the password has been cracked within an hour.

It is important to us to create experiences for all ages. Our new treasure hunt is something the whole family can enjoy with the children in focus. This gives us the opportunity to provide the families with a nice tour on the water, the opportunity to enjoy the nature in Fruens Bøge, and to be active in some of the puzzles that need to be solved. I find it relevant to create more activity in Fruens Bøge while telling about what wonderful experiences and initiative to find out there. I believe that this initiative can give the families a memorable experience far away from the screens”, Eva Pasgaard, CEO of Odense Aafart, expresses.

The treasure hunt gives the opportunity to spend some time together and shows the best sides of nature. Hop on board Odense Aafart’s tour boats towards new adventures and an experience that both children and adults can enjoy.


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Practical Information:

  • It is possible to participate in the treasure hunt Theodor’s Secret Gold Treasure every weekend and holidays from June 13.
  • At 10:00 AM the boat leave Munke Mose and return back again at 12:00 noon.
  • Guiding age: 4-11 years old
  • Prise: Children 99 DKK, adults 149 DKK
  • It is possible to buy a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children for 449 DKK.