23. September 2022

Odense Aafart ends the season with fantastic autumn deals!

The autumn vacation is right around the corner and on that occasion Odense Aafart ends the season with fantasic autmn deals! Enjoy your vacation among nice company on Odense River or combine the trip with other exciting activities in Odense town.

Do you still not know what to do for your autumn vacation? Then don’t worry, Odense Aafart has lots of exciting activities for children and adults for you to get inspired by.

Half off!

Odense Aafart celebrates the autumn vacation with 50% off the tour boat, pedal bikes, childrens mystery and all ice cream!

The ice cream shop has to be emptied out and it is therefore the perfect opportunity to bring the family along for an exciting and educational excursion with an ice cold treat at the end.

Ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse.

*Is valid from Saturday the 15th of October until Saturday the 22nd of October. Get a family ticket for 199,50 DKK for 2 adults and 2 children*

Annual Pass!

As an easier and cheaper option for those, who love to sail ‘up and down the river’, Odense Aafart offers an annual pass. The annual pass gives you free trips with the tour boat all year around, as well as other nice deals.

You can among other things get a discount on the pedal bikes, ‘Danmarks Jernbanemuseum’, ‘H.C. Andersen Museum’, ‘Den Fynske Landsby’ and bring a free guest onto the tour boat for the entire vacation!

If you are quick and buy an annual pass before the 1st of October 2022, then the annual pass is valid for 2023 and the rest of 2022. You will therefore get the entire vacation for free. Read more here.

Autumn vacation inspiration!

Let the Aafart inspire your autumn vacation with lots and exciting activites.

Start din oplevelse med en idyllisk sejltur

Take the tour boat to and from Odense Zoo!
At Odense Aafart you can customize the trip with the tour boat, so that you can get on and off at Odense Zoo. Do something special with your visit with an idyllic trip in Odense Center. Odense Zoo is open for the entire vacation from 9 am to 6 pm.

Sail in pedal bikes during ‘Magiske Dage Festival’
Go on a magical trip with a pedal bike, where you can overlook the activites from the water side. ‘Magiske Dage Festival’ is from Thursday the 20th of October until Saturday the 22nd of October. Pedal bikes cannot be booked in advance.


Row in a canoe and enjoy the nature’s beautiful colors!
Enjoy the nature’s beutiful autumn colors from the best location in Odense, Odense River. At the Aafart’s Canoe Rental we offer you 6 different routes based on your skill level, so that you can either relax or have an active vacation. Canoes need to be booked in advance online.


Solve an unsolved mysery – Theodor’s Secret Gold Ticket!
Let your inner detective out with our children friendly mystery! You will have to solve riddles and crack codes, While Greedy Gorm is lurking near by. Solve the mystery in time and win a price. The mystery is 2 hors and includes a trip with the tour boat.


The tickets for the Aafart’s tour boat can be bought at the Aafart’s kiosk, as well as at www.aafart.com. Ice cream and rental of pedal bikes happends directly at the kiosk. It is open from the 17th to the 23rd of October from 11 am to 3 pm. The tour boats sail from 12 pm, 1 pm and 2 pm.