19. August 2022

Odense Aafart is ready with a new green initiative – ”Oops, you forgot something!”

After a lovely summer filled with actitives and events on Odense River, Odense Aafart takes the initiative to fight trash in nature with a canoe trash collection.

Most people have most likely seen a beer can or two float in Odense River. This is unfortunantely not a rare sight, and trash in the nature has for some become a matter of habit during the summer’s warm months.

We would like to change this at Odense Aafart. We believe that we all have a shared responsibility, when it comes to taking care of our nature, our river, and the animals who lives there. We all need to get better at throwing trash out in the right waste containers and to remind others of picking up after themselves – “Opps, you forgot something!”.

Green idea

As an initiative to clean Odense River as a community, Odense Aafart is ready with canoes, fishing nets, a competition, and a green idea!

For 14 days, 5 canoes will daily be avaliable for you to rent for FREE for one day, as long as you collect all the trash you pass along the way. And to make it even better, you can enter into a competition to win an annual pass to the tour boat!

To enter into the competition, you need to take a picture of yourselves and the trash you have collected and post it to Instagram with #OdenseAafartGrøn, and then we will draw a lucky winner.

About canoe trash collection:

  • Price: It is free – reservations are made in the event of sold out days
  • Where: Sdr. Boulevard 46, 5000 Odense C (from Å-stien – By-Ruten*)
  • Duration: 14 days between 9 am to 6 pm-18 (the 22nd of August 2022 to the 4th of September 2022)
  • Number of participants: 3 people pr canoe – or 2 adults and 2 smaller children at max 35 kg
  • Booking: Contact eva@aafart.com
  • Where will daily be 5 avaliable canoes – Booking is after first come, first served
  • You will be given life jackets, fishing nets, trashbags, and 1 canoe pr. booking
  • Prize: We will draw among the participants, and the winner will receive an annual pass to Odense Aafart’s tour boat for up to 3 participants

The idea behind the competition comes after one of the years most anticipated summer events, Øl-Fart. As many of you might already have read, the otherwise fun and eventful sailling trip has resulted in big amounts of trash in the river. Tons of beer cans, inflatable boats, and plastic has left in and around Odense River. Most of the trash at the surface has been removed, but there is unfortunately still a lot of trash at the bottom of the river.

In order to create a community to clean Odense River, the canoes have been made avaliable for free, so that everyone can participate!

*Read more about the route here: https://www.aafartenskanoudlejning.dk/odense-aafart-kanoudlejning-by-ruten/ *