11. October 2021

A Romantic Date in Odense

Are you going on a romantic date in Odense? In Odense, you have a lot of opportunities to do so. No matter if you are going to be creative, going on a walk, or have a beer on your date, Odense has a lot to offer. In this blog, we hav gathered 6 suggestion for your date.

Creative Space

Kvinde, der kigger på maling

Foto: Creative Space

At Creative Space, you can be creative together. For example, you can make matching cups or bowls. Even though you do not see your selves as creative people, you can enjoy each other’s company and have nice time together in cozy surroundings at Creative Space.

Creative space has more than 300 different kinds of pottery and 90 colours to choose from, so you can easily find something to paint. When you are done painting, you give the pottery to Creative Space who will glaze and burn it. After one week, you can come and pick up your pottery.



Picnic in Munke Mose


Mennesker i Munke Mose

Foto: Andreas Bastiansen/Visit Odense

Is there anything more romantic than having a picnic surrounded by the beautiful nature? In Munke Mose you can bring your own picnic basket or buy some take-away from Riceteria or one of the many other restaurants and cafés in Odense. You can have a blanket on the grass and just enjoy each other’s company. It does not get any more romantic. During the spring and the summer you can sail with Odense Aafart to Fruen Bøge. The tour boats sails you through the beautiful nature around Odense Å. A ticket to Odense Aafart I valid all day and you can hop off at Odense Zoo and go back to Munke Mose whenever you want. A tour with the tour boat takes 1 hour in total. After the tour you can buy a cop of coffee or other sweets in Aafartens Kiosk.


Rent a Pedal Boat or a Canoe 

Folk på vandcykel

Foto: Odense Aafart

In the beautiful surroundings of Munke Mose you also have the opportunity to rent a canoe or a pedal boat from Odense Aafart. Then you can have a romantic sail where you decide the tempo yourselves. If you rent a canoe, you have four different routes to choose from. You can also rent a pedal boats and bring a picnic basket.




Papas Papbar

At Papas Papbar you can have a nice time playing board games. At the cozy board game café you can choose between more than 700 different games. The café has a nice atmosphere and you can enjoy a selection of drinks and snack

Storms Pakhus – Odense Street Food

You you are looking for something nice to eat, Storms Pakhus is the obvious choice. If you cannot agree on what to eat, you can try out all sort of different dishes. You can enjoy the food inside or bring it to the harbour and enjoy the ocean view while eating.

Folk, der drikker øl

Foto: Anarkist


At Anarkist you can have a lovely dinner and taste a lot of different beers. You can enjoy each other’s company in a cozy atmosphere.