11. October 2021

Staycation in Odense

Are you going on holiday or on a staycation in Odense? Then cozy and adventurous Odense is the obvious choice. Odense has it all. Nature, shopping opportunities, cafés and many different experiences for the whole family – regardless of age.

If you lack of inspiration for good experiences on a staycation in Odense, we have collected some suggestions for you here.


Pedestrian Street

Mennesker i gågaden i Odense

Photo: Johan Tobias Joensen/Visit Odense

Odense is known for its cozy pedestrian street with many small side streets and cafés. A stop by one of the street’s cozy cafés is obvious after a long day of walking. The pedestrian street is not far from the H.C. Andersen quarter, where H.C. Andersen grew up. Also, in this quarter is H.C. Andersen’s childhood home, which gives a presentation of his childhood.

In the pedestrian street, it is also possible to visit Sankt Knuds Cathedral. With the tower’s 63 meter, the church is one of Odense’s tallest buildings. Brandts Klædefabrik is Odense’s central cultural center and is also located in the pedestrian street. The main street has many things to offer and is always an obvious option.


H.C. Andersen’s Home

You can also visit the new H.C. Andersens House where you will experience a captivating journey around H.C Andersen’s creative univers and narratives. The museum is a beautiful combination of architecture and imagination. Here you can experience H.C. Andersen’s work in a completely new way through space, light, sound and scenography.


Walk in Munke Mose

Folk i Munke Mose

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen/Visit Odense

If you want peace and see beautiful nature on your staycation, then a walk in Munke Mose is an obvious choice. It is beautiful at all times of the year – both in the sunny and snowing weather. Here, it is possible to buy a cup of coffee or an ice cream in Aafarten’s kiosk, while you enjoy life.


Picnic in Fruens Bøge

Folk i vandcykel

Photo: Odense Aafart

In Fruens Bøge it is possible to go on a picnic. For example, you can take Aafartens Tour boats to Fruens Bøge where you can bring a picnic basket or a blanket. Then you can enjoy a delicious picnic in the scenic surroundings. When you have finished eating, you can sail back home and buy a delicious ice cream or a cup of coffee in one of Odense’s central cafés. If you are on a staycation outside Odense Aafart’s season, it is possible to drive to Fruens Bøge and instead have the picnic basket in the car.


Harbour Bath (Havnebadet)

Mennesker ved havnebadet

Photo: Visit Odense

If you want to get in the water on your staycation, this is possible in  ‘Odense Havnebad’, available at Odense Harbour. It is both obvious if you want to get a cold shiver in the winter months or enjoy the sun in the summer. Odense Havnebad has changing rooms, showers, toilets and locked lockers for valuables. Furthermore, they have a sauna.


Forest Lake (Skovsøen)

2 softice

Photo: Vaffelhuset Skovsøen

The beautiful surroundings at Skovsøen by Fruens Bøge are an obvious opportunity opportunity for a walk and, for example, eating picnic in the beautiful areas. Also, it is a good opportunity to buy something to drink. Here is both a beautiful nature and a cozy atmosphere.


The gallery street

‘Ny Vestergade’ is also called the unofficial gallery street because there are many galleries. This is a good opportunity to get to know Odense’s pedestrian street in a different way when you are here on a staycation. The street is peasent both day and night. During the day, you can go into H. J. Hansen wine, which is located in an old, beautiful building, where the building itself is an experience. In the evening, you can look out the windows and otherwise enjoy life on your staycation.


Odense Zoo

Den røde pande

Photo: Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is a cozy zoo with all kinds of animals close by. It is possible to take the tour boat from Munke Mose to Odense Zoo. After the visit, you can take the tour boat back to Munke Mose again. Odense Zoo is obvious, regardless of whether you have children with you on a staycation or not.