11. October 2021

Child-Friendly Summer Holiday in Odense

Are you going to have a child-friendly summer holiday in Odense? There are many opportunities in Odense. Odense has many child-friendly events to visit. In this blog, we have gathered inspiration for 5 summer holiday activities that you can do in Odense. Here are ideas for families with children of all ages.


Go treasure hunting

Børn, der læser et skattekort

Photo: Odense Aafart

If you need a different summer holiday experience for the whole family, it is obvious to do the treasure hunting: Theodors Secret Gold Treasure. You take the tour boat from Munke Mose and the actual treasure hunt starts when you have arrived at Fruens Bøge. It is possible to go treasure hunting on weekends and holidays from 5th of June to the 16th of august 2021. The treasure hunting is intended children aged 4-11 years and lasts approximately one hour.


Creative Space

Kvinde, der maler

Photo: Creative Space

If you like to be creative, then Creative Space in Odense is the thing for you.

Here you can be creative and have fun together. Creative Space has more than 300 different types of ceramics and 94 colors to choose from, so there is definitely something you want to paint. When you have finished painting, leave the ceramics to Creative Space so they can glaze and fire it. You can pick it up a week after the visit.



Playground in Munke Mose

In the middle of Munke Moses’ beautiful nature, you will find the adventurous playground, which was created by inspiration from the natural surroundings. Here the children can freely play and let their fantasy run wild, while the parents enjoy the nature and, for example, a coffee from the Aafarten’s kiosk. The playground is free to visit.


Picnic in the green

Mennesker i Munke Mose

Photo: Andreas Bastiansen/Visit Odense

If you want to eat a delicious lunch, cozy Munke Mose is an obvious option for this. Munke Mose has many large trees where it is possible to avoid the sun. Munke Mose lies next to the beautiful Odense Å, where it is possible to rent pedal boats or canoes.

You can bring your own picnic basket or buy takeaway from Storms Pakhus. You can also bring a blanket that you can lay out on the grass. In Aafarten’s kiosk it is possible to buy a cup of coffee or an ice cream.



En pige sammen med en giraf

Photo: Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is an obvious activity for a child-friendly summer holiday in Odense. Odense Zoo is a cozy zoo with many different animals from all over the world. It is possible to take one of Aafarten’s tour boats from Munke Mose to Odense Zoo. After your visit, it is possible to take the tour boat back to Munke Mose again. The tour ticket lasts the whole day.


Have a nice summer holiday!