11. October 2021

Winter Break with the Kids in Odense

If you are going to spend your winter break in Odense or just be here for a day or two, there are a lot og things to do. Odense offers many child-friendly activities and experiences. This blog has collected inspiration to 7 different activities in Odense. The ideas work for families with children in all ages.


Light Show in Odense Zoo

Lysaften i Odense Zoo

Foto: Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is a very nice zoo with many different animals from all over the world.

On every Saturdays in January and February, Odense Zoo is transformed to a light and colour explosion, when they are hosting their light nights. It is an obvious activity to go to in the winter break. This night you will see the zoo in a way that you have never seen it before. On this night, the winter darkness will be enlightened. It is a nice experience for the whole family.

Stige Ø

Børn, der leger på en legeplads

Foto: Visit Odense

Stige Ø is surrounded by beautiful nature and offers a lot of opportunities – also in the winter. I can go biking, play on the playground, or spend the night in the outdoors. Stige Ø offers shelters, bonfire, and toilets.



Creative Space

En kvinde, der kigger på forskellig slags maling

Foto: Creative Space

If you enjoy being creative, Creative Space is the place for you. Here you have the chance to be creative and and a nice time in each other’s company. Creative Space has more than 300 different kinds of pottery and 04 colour to choose from. Thus, it is easy to find something to paint. When you are finished painting, you give the pottery to Creative Space who will glaze and burn it. After a week, you can come and pick up your pottery.


Brandts Klædefabrik

Brandts Klædefabrik

Foto: Skovdahl Nordic/Brandts

If you would like to be cultural during the winter break, you should visit Brandts Klædefabrik. Brandts Klædefabrik the first museum for art and visual art in Denmark. Every year, the museum shows more than 10 different exhibitions. You can also visit the museum’s own park, called Limbo. The museum offers a lot of different activities for kids during the holidays.



Cafe Biografen

Café biografen

Foto: Cafe Biografen

Right next to Brandts Klædefabrik you can find the cozy Cafe Biograf. The café is nice and cozy and serves all kinds of dishes, snacks, and sweets. Something for everybody. Every Thursday you can visit their Babybio.



Mange farveblyanter

Foto: Kulturmaskinen

Right next to Brandts Klædefabrik and Café Biografen Kulturmaskinen is located. Kulturmaskinen is the cultural playground of the city and hosts different kinds of children activities. There are two creative workshops – the pottery workshop and the textile workshop. Kulturmaskinen is the perfect choice if you enjoy being creative.



Outdoor Picnic

En kvinde, der cykler med et barn. Mange vandcykler ses i baggrunden

Foto: Andreas Bastiansen/Visit Odense

If you want to eat a delicious lunch, cozy Munke Mose is an obvious option for this. Munke Mose has many, large trees where it is possible to provide shade from the sun. Munke Mose lies next to the beautiful Odense Å, where it is possible to rent pedal boats or canoes.

You can bring your own picnic basket or buy takeaway from Storms Pakhus. You can also bring a blanket that you can lay out on the grass. In Aafarten’s kiosk it is possible to buy a cup of coffee or an ice cream.



En dreng, der leger på legepladsen på Danmarks Jernbanemuseum

Foto: Danmarks Jernbanemuseum

At Danmarks Jernbanemuseum the kids can explore the different wagons and locomotives. Use your winter break in Odense to visit the museum’s children railway station. Outside there is a huge playground where the kids can play and learn about about trains and railways.