11. October 2021

Family Experiences in Odense

Are you missing family experiences in Odense? In Odense, there are both events, activities and places you can go, where you control the pace yourself. In this blog, we have collected 5 things that you can experience as a family with children in Odense. There is a bit of everything and for different age groups.

Go treasure hunting

Børn, der læser et skattekort

Photo: Odense Aafart

If you need a fun and different experience for the whole family in Odense, it is obvious to go on a treasure hunt with Odense Aafart. ‘Theodors Secret Gold Treasure‘ is perfect for families with children. You take the tour boat from Munke Mose and the actual treasure hunt starts when you have arrived at Fruens Bøge. It is possible to go on a treasure hunt both on weekends, holidays and public holidays from 5th of June to 16th of August 2021. The treasure hunt is intended for children aged 4 – 11 years and lasts approximately one hour.


Pedal boat or canoe

Folk, der ror kano

Photo: Odense Aafart

If you have slightly older children, it is a good idea to rent a canoe or a pedal boat from Odense Aafart. Here you will cycle and paddle on Odense’s beautiful, fantastic and adventurous river. It is a true nature experience to be out in the middle of the stream.

If you rent a canoe, you can choose between six different routes that have different levels of difficulty. On Odense Aafart’s Canoe Rental website, you can read more about the different routes and their degrees of difficulty. If canoes are not your thing, you can rent a pedalo and bring a picnic basket.


En, der lejer med ler

Photo: Kulturmaskinen

Right next to Brandts Klædefabrik and Café Biografen is Kulturmaskinen. Kulturmaskinen is the city’s cultural playground which is ideal for families with children. At Kulturmaskinen, various children’s events are regularly held. There are two creative workshops here – the clay workshop and the textile workshop. Here you can have a good experience together and enjoy each other’s company, where you can control the pace yourself.



Dreng, der sidder på en bænk på Jernbanemuseet

Photo: Ard Jongsma/stillwords.com


At Danmarks Jernbanemuseum, the children can explore the various carriages and locomotives. Here you can visit the museum for children, which is a child-sized railway station. Outside there is a large learning and play area. Danmarks Jernbanemuseum has a lot to offer – regardless of the children’s age.



En kvinde og en sæl

Photo: Odense Zoo

An obvious family experience for families with children is Odense Zoo. Odense Zoo is a cozy zoo with many different animals from all over the world. It is possible to take the tour boat from Munke Mose to Odense Zoo. After the visit, it is possible to take the tour boat back to Munke Mose again. In Odense Zoo, you can control the pace yourself. On this you can have a good experience that suits your family. The ticket for the tour boat is valid for the whole day, so you can return home when you feel like it.