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6 Things to Experience in Odense

11. October 2021

Do you need 6 things to experience in Odense on a spring day? Odense is always beautiful, but a spring day in Odense, when the sun

A Romantic Date in Odense

11. October 2021

Are you going on a romantic date in Odense? In Odense, you have a lot of opportunities to do so. No matter if you are going to be

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Staycation in Odense

11. October 2021

Are you going on holiday or on a staycation in Odense? Then cozy and adventurous Odense is the obvious choice. Odense has it all.

Wedding on Odense Å

11. October 2021

Celebrate Your Love on Odense Å Did you know that you can celebrate your wedding on Odense Å? At Odense Aafart, we have the oppo

Team Building and Company Event: Mystery Tour

11. October 2021

Is your company looking for the perfect team building and company event? Then Odense Aafart has just the right event for you ̵

5 Different Summer Vacation Experiences on Funen

25. March 2021

Are you missing inspiration for summer vacation experiences on Funen? Then you can experience a lof of exciting experiences and vi